J. S. BACH 6 Suites for Cello DANIIL SHAFRAN 180 gram vinyl SEALED 4 LP box set

J. S. BACH 6 Suites for Cello DANIIL SHAFRAN 180 gram vinyl SEALED 4 LP box set
J. S. BACH 6 Suites for Cello DANIIL SHAFRAN 180 gram vinyl SEALED 4 LP box set

J. S. BACH 6 Suites for Cello DANIIL SHAFRAN 180 gram vinyl SEALED 4 LP box set
Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello. SEALED German/Korean import limited edition 180 gram Vinyl 4 LP box set. Melodiya/Analogphonic MEL LP 0075/4600317 200757.

COVER & VINYL: MINT still sealed, never played. 4LP 180-gram vinyl box set featuring cellist Daniil Shafran. Audiophile mastering by Maxim Pilipov. Mastered from the original analog tapes of Firma Melodiya. Virgin vinyl pressing at Pallas in Germany!

Daniil Shafran's interpretation of Bach's cello suites is marked by his original approach to the music of the great composer, his bold and novel rendition. The musician is a stranger to retrospection, false adherence to tradition and museum-like restoration of Bach's music as well as to its unwarranted modernization. Skillfully making use of the rich expressive potentialities of the cello, of subtle shades of bow "touche" and vibrato technique and dynamizing the dance element of the pieces, he utilized diverse strokes and accentuation, ranging from well nigh indistinguishable emphasis to sharp and forceful bowing. Shafran seems to translate the logical language of Bach's music into the language of our time.

In the cellist's rendi-tion we hear not the Bach of the clavichord and thorough-bass period but Bach as read by a contemporary musician. And listening to Shafran's playing we perceive these works as music full of life and fervency. Yampolsky from the liner notes. Recorded in 1970 Suite No.

2, 5, 1969 Suite No. Sound engineers: David Gaklin Suite No. 1, 3, Yuri Kokzhayan Suite No. Daniil Shafran is one of the highest level cellists by his performing manner, by his musical inclinations, and by the wealth and diversity of musical shades. " Carlo Zecchi "The Russian cellist extraordinaire, Daniil Shafran whimsical, tripping, intense, sensual, refined and intelligent... A rich source of fascination and stimulation for anyone with an open musical mind. One things for sure: no one plays this music quite like Shafran did. We can NOT bear responsibility for packages lost or damaged by the Postal System. If you do not agree with this Please DO NOT. Grading is visual only unless otherwise stated.

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J. S. BACH 6 Suites for Cello DANIIL SHAFRAN 180 gram vinyl SEALED 4 LP box set