JOE VENUTI & EDDIE LANG Classic Columbia & Okeh Sessions Mosaic NEW 8 CD box set

JOE VENUTI & EDDIE LANG Classic Columbia & Okeh Sessions Mosaic NEW 8 CD box set
JOE VENUTI & EDDIE LANG Classic Columbia & Okeh Sessions Mosaic NEW 8 CD box set
JOE VENUTI & EDDIE LANG Classic Columbia & Okeh Sessions Mosaic NEW 8 CD box set

JOE VENUTI & EDDIE LANG Classic Columbia & Okeh Sessions Mosaic NEW 8 CD box set

The Classic Columbia & Okeh. JOE VENUTI and EDDIE LANG. SEALED limited numbered edition 8 CD box set. Brand new, unopened Mosaic limited edition numbered box set # 1787 of 5000.

Booklet & box are in excellent to near mint condition unless otherwise noted. Discs are in MINT still sealed condition. For a complete study of the jazz musician, there is absolutely nothing in any record store that can compete with, or come close to, a Mosaic set. The Classic Columbia And Okeh Joe Venuti And Eddie Lang Sessions begins with their 1926 duet classics, Black And Blue Bottom and Stringing The Blues, and includes all of their delightful duo recordings.

The set includes a vast collection of 194 tracks in various settings, featuring Venuti and Lang together and separately, with many rare recordings, six of which are previously unissued. In addition to the aforementioned duos and Langs dates with Bessie Smith and Lonnie Johnson, the set includes all of Langs solo performances; various big band dates under Langs and/or Venutis leadership; the Venuti Blue Four/Five/Six sessions; sidemen dates with small groups led by Louis Armstrong, Frank Trumbauer, Red Nichols and Tommy Dorsey; big band dates with Jack Pettis, Fred Rich and Paul Whiteman; and back-up sessions for popular singers like Red McKenzie, Cliff Edwards, Annette Hanshaw, Ruth Etting. A remarkable listening experience, this glorious eight-CD limited-edition set brings together virtually all of the jazz-oriented recordings made by violinist Joe Venuti and guitarist Eddie Lang for the Okeh and Columbia labels from 1926 through 1934.

The non-jazz tracks are not included, and several alternate takes were not discovered in time to include in the set. The sound quality is astonishingly clear thanks to modern engineering techniques and, as with all Mosaic releases, the oversized booklet contains great photos, detailed discographies, insightful background essays, and track-by-track analyses. As for the music: It should raise some eyebrows. Both Venuti and Lang were innovators and, just as importantly, major soloists who consistently created new and exciting ways of communicating. Whether playing alone, in duo, or with big bands, these two underrated players produced a body of work that stands as a critical bastion of early modern jazz.

Among those who participate are trumpeters Louis Armstrong and Red Nichols, trombonist Jack Teagarden, and vocalists Bing Crosby and Bessie Smith. The last disc contains some wonderful novelty arrangements in which Venuti's goofy side comes to the fore. Lovingly and meticulously produced, the release of this wondrous boxed set is an important event. Due to their historical significance and -- even more so -- their pure musicality, these seminal recordings belong in every jazz collection as a prime example of 1920s and'30s jazz at its finest.

Black And Blue Bottom (A) 2:39 J. Stringing The Blues (B) 2:33 J. He's The Last Word (C) 2:49 W. Louis Shuffle (C) 2:45 F. Stockholm Stomp (C) 2:42 (Al Goering) 8. It All Depends On You (D) 2:53 (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) 9. Muddy Water (D) 2:55 (Clarence Williams) 10. I Gotta Get Myself Somebody To Love (D) 2:56 (Lewis-Young-Handman) 11. Wild Cat (E) 2:55 J. Sunshine (E) 2:56 J. Singin' The Blues (F) 2:58 (Conrad-Lewis-Robinson-Young) 14. I'm Back In Love Again (G) 2:47 (Cliff Friend) 15. That's My Hap-Hap-Happiness (G) 2:42 (Johnson-Tobias-Sherman) 16. Ain't She Sweet (G) 2:41 M. Eddie's Twister (H) 2:51 (Eddie Lang) 19. April Kisses (H) 3:04 (Eddie Lang) 20. Doin' Things (I) 2:48 (Joe Venuti) 21. Goin' Places (I) 2:54 J.

I'm Coming, Virginia (J) 3:13 W. For No Reason At All In C (J) 3:05 (Meyer-Lewis-Young) 24. 2 (K) 3:05 (Serge Rachmaninoff) 25.

A Little Love, A Little Kiss (L) 2:57 (Fysher-Ross-Silesu) 26. Magnolia (M) 2:52 (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) DISC II: 1. There'll Be Some Changes Made (N) 2:34 B. My Syncopated Melody Man (N) 3:13 (Merriel-Cox) 3. I'm Somebody's Somebody Now (O) 3:05 (Silver-Johnson-Sherman) 4.

I Like What You Like (O) 2:56 (Rollini-Keane-Rodgers) 5. Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling? Under The Moon (O) 3:24 (Wheeler-Snyder-Hiller) 8. Kickin' The Cat (P) 3:08 J.

Beatin' The Dog (P) 2:37 J. It Was Only A Sunshower (Q) 3:10 (Snyder-Kahal-Wheeler) 11. Who's That Knocking At My Door? Cheese And Crackers (R) 2:55 J. A Mug Of Ale (R) 2:59 J.

Wringin' An' Twistin' (S) 3:01 F. Melody Man's Dream (T) 2:47 E. Perfect (T) 3:00 E. Penn Beach Blues (U) 2:46 J. Four String Joe (U) 2:54 J.

Dinah (V) 2:48 (Lewis-Young-Akst) 20. The Wild Dog (V) 2:42 (Joe Venuti) 21. Rainbow Dreams (W) 2:54 (Eddie Lang) 22. Add A Little Wiggle (W) 3:20 J. I Must Be Dreaming (X) 3:19 (Dubin-Flaherty-Sherman) 24.

`Tain't So, Honey, `Tain't So (X) 3:15 (Willard Robison) DISC III: 1. My Baby Came Home (Y) 3:05 (Fields-Newman-Gardner) 2.

From Monday On (Y) 2:40 3. Because My Baby Don't Mean "Maybe" Now (Z) 2:53 (Walter Donaldson) 4. The Man From The South (AA) 2:53 R. Pretty Trix (AA) 3:12 J.

I'm On The Crest Of A Wave (BB) 3:05 (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) 7. How Long, How Long Blues (CC) 2:47 L. Moanful Wailin' Blues (CC) 3:00 (John Louis) 9. My Handy Man (DD) 3:03 E.

Organ Grinder Blues (alt) (DD) 3:24 (Clarence Williams) 11. Organ Grinder Blues (DD) 3:12 (Clarence Williams) 12. I'm Busy And You Can't Come In (EE) 2:45 (Clarence Williams) 13. Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time (EE) 3:17 L. Good Little Bad Little You (FF) 2:35 B.

Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time (GG) 2:58 L. The Blue Room (GG) 3:14 R. Sensation (GG) 2:57 John C.

I'll Never Be The Same (GG) 3:09 (Kahn-Malneck-Signorelli) 19. Doin' Things (HH) 3:17 (Joe Venuti) 20.

I Must Have That Man (HH) 3:12 D. How Long, How Long Blues (II) 3:00 L. Deck Hand Blues (II) 3:00 (Clarence Williams) 23. Church Street Sobbin' Blues (JJ) 3:00 (Lada-Crawley-Nunez) 24. There'll Be Some Changes Made (JJ) 3:12 W. It's Right Here For You (KK) 3:06 (Perry Bradford) 2. Tiger Rag (KK) 2:48 (ODJB) 3. Wild Geese Blues (LL) 3:05 (John Louis) 4.

How Much Can I Stand? (LL) 3:00 (Gladys Bentley) 5. Work Ox Blues (MM) 3:16 (Texas Alexander) 6. The Risin' Sun (MM) 3:23 (Texas Alexander) 7.

Two Tone Stomp (NN) 3:00 L. Have To Change Keys To Play These Blues (NN) 3:01 L. Tell Me Woman Blues (OO) 2:54 (Texas Alexander) 10. `Frisco Bound Blues (OO) 2:53 (Texas Alexander) 11. Louis Fair Blues (OO) 2:51 (Texas Alexander) 12.

In The Bottle Blues (PP) 2:49 C. What Ya Want Me To Do (PP) 2:52 C. My Honey's Lovin' Arms (QQ) 3:05 J. Goin' Home (QQ) 3:16 (Bloom-Lang-Venuti) 17.

Knockin' A Jug (RR) 3:23 L. Jet Black Blues (SS) 3:01 J. Blue Blood Blues (SS) 3:00 J. Guitar Blues (TT) 3:14 L.

A Handful Of Riffs (UU) 3:05 L. Blue Guitars (UU) 3:33 L.

I'm Wild About That Thing (VV) 2:50 (Clarence Williams) 2. You've Gotta Give Me Some (VV) 2:55 (Clarence Williams) 3.

Kitchen Man (VV) 3:00 (Razaf-Belledrina) 4. Bull Frog Moan (WW) 3:16 L. Bugle Call Rag (XX) 2:57 (Pettis-Mills-Schoebel) 6. Freeze An' Melt (XX) 2:55 D. Hot Heels (XX) 3:01 (Mills-Pettis-Goering) 8.

Walkin' The Dog (YY) 3:00 (Shelton Brooks) 9. March Of The Hoodlums (YY) 3:18 (Hoagy Carmichael) 10. Deep Minor Rhythm (ZZ) 3:00 L. Midnight Call (Blues) (ZZ) 3:00 L. Hot Fingers (ZZ) 2:56 L.

Blue Room (Blues) (ZZ) 3:07 L. Chant Of The Jungle (AAA) 3:17 N.

That Wonderful Something (Is Love) (AAA) 3:02 (Alter-Goodwin-Trent) 16. If I Had A Talking Picture Of You (BBB) 2:56 (DeSylva-Brown-Henderson) 17.

After You've Gone (CCC) 2:35 H. Runnin' Ragged (DDD) 3:07 (Joe Venuti) 19. Apple Blossoms (DDD) 3:24 (Joe Venuti) 20.

Happy Feet (EEE) 2:56 J. A Bench In The Park (FFF) 2:53 J. I Like To Do Things For You (GGG) 2:47 J.

Raggin' The Scale (HHH) 3:12 (Edward Claypoole) 24. Put And Take (HHH) 3:14 (Joe Venuti) 25. Put And Take (HHH) 3:1 (Joe Venuti) DISC VI: 1. Promises (III) 3:23 A. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (III) 3:05 J.

Out Of Breath (And Scared To Death Of You) (JJJ) 3:30 E. You're Simply Delish (KKK) 3:15 A. I'll Be Blue Just Thinking Of You (LLL) 3:09 P. I Got Rhythm (LLL) 3:13 G.

My Love For You (LLL) 3:23 J. A Peach Of A Pair (LLL) 3:02 (Marion-Whiting) 12. I've Found A New Baby (MMM) 3:06 J.

Sweet Sue-Just You (MMM) 3:15 W. Cheerful Little Earful (NNN) 2:57 (Gershwin-Rose-Warren) 15. The Little Things In Life (NNN) 3:08 (Irving Berlin) 16.

I'm Tickled Pink With A Blue-Eyed Baby (NNN) 2:57 P. Pardon Me, Pretty Baby (OOO) 3:04 (Rose-Klages-Meskill) 18. Little Girl (OOO) 2:57 M. Little Buttercup (OOO) 3:09 (Malneck-Signorelli-Kahn) 20. Tempo di Modernage (OOO) 3:04 F. There's No Other Girl (PPP) 3:10 J. Now That I Need You, You're Gone (PPP) 3:07 (Meyer-Clarke-Leslie) 23. The Wolf Wobble (PPP) 3:12 (Lennie Hayton) 24.

To To Blues (PPP) 3:17 J. Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula (QQQ) 2:54 (Goetz-Young-Wendling) 2.

Haunting Blues (QQQ) 3:00 H. Haunting Blues (alt) (QQQ) 3:00 H. Pickin' My Way (RRR) 3:02 E.

Feeling My Way (alt) (RRR) 2:57 E. Feeling My Way (SSS) 2:58 E. Fit As A Fiddle (TTT) 3:19 (Hoffman-Goodhart-Freed) 8. Baby (TTT) 3:13 (Green-Bryan-Monaco) 9. Fit As A Fiddle (UUU) 2:53 (Hoffman-Goodhart-Freed) 10. Contented (UUU) 2:52 D. So At Last It's Come To This (UUU) 3:03 (Kahn-Malneck-Signorelli) 12. A Million Dreams (UUU) 3:04 G. A Million Dreams (alt) (UUU) 3:08 G.

Raggin' The Scale (VVV) 2:59 (Edward Claypoole) 15. Young Fella (VVV) 3:02 D. Jig Saw Puzzle Blues (VVV) 3:19 (Adrian Rollini) 17. Pink Elephants (VVV) 3:08 M.

Hiawatha's Lullaby (WWW) 3:12 W. Vibraphonia (WWW) 2:45 (Adrian Rollini) 20. You're My Past, Present And Future (XXX) 3:00 M. I Want To Ring Bells (XXX) 2:57 F. Doin' The Uptown Lowdown (XXX) 3:00 M.

Gather Lip Rouge While You May (XXX) 3:01 (DeSylva-Robin-Whiting) 24. Moon Glow (XXX) 2:50 DeLange-Hudson-I.

Cheese And Crackers (XXX) 2:53 (Joe Venuti) DISC VIII: 1. Sweet Lorraine (YYY) 3:10 G.

Doin' The Uptown Lowdown (YYY) 3:13 M. The Jazz Me Blues (YYY) 3:06 (Tom Delaney) 4. In De Ruff (alt) (YYY) 3:04 (Joe Venuti) 5.

In De Ruff (YYY) 3:04 (Joe Venuti) 6. Build A Little Home (ZZZ) 3:00 A. No More Love (ZZZ) 3:00 A. My Dancing Lady (ZZZ) 3:07 D. Everything I Have Is Yours (ZZZ) 3:02 H.

Fiddlesticks (AAAA) 2:45 (Will Hudson) 11. Goblin Market (AAAA) 2:53 (Spud Murphy) 12. Satan's Holiday (BBBB) 2:58 (Joe Venuti) 13.

Tea Time (BBBB) 3:02 (Joe Venuti) 14. Romantic Joe (BBBB) 3:00 (Joe Venuti) 15. Hell's Bells And Hallelujah (BBBB) 2:56 (Young-Valentine) 16. Somebody Loves Me (CCCC) 2:42 (MacDonald-DeSylva-Gershwin) 17.

Red Velvet (DDDD) 3:14 J. Black Satin (DDDD) 2:38 J. We're A Couple Of Soldiers, My Baby And Me (EEEE) 3:24 (Harry Woods) 20.

Studio Chatter (FFFF) 1:10 (PD) 21. 1 (GGGG) 2:57 (PD) 22. Non-Skid Manure (HHHH) 3:06 (PD) 23. 2 (IIII) 2:48 (PD) 24. Len Kavash or Norman Ronemous, Jack Pettis (reeds), Joe Venuti (vln), Al Goering (p), Eddie Lang (g), Merrill Klein (tu), Dillon Ober (d), Scrappy Lambert, Billy Hillpot (vcl).

Norman Ronemous, Jack Pettis (reeds), Joe Venuti (vln), Al Goering (p), Eddie Lang (g), Merrill Klein (tu), Dillon Ober (d), Scrappy Lambert, Billy Hillpot (vcl). Norman Ronemous, Jack Pettis (reeds), Joe Venuti (vln), Al Goering (p, celeste), Eddie Lang (g), Merrill Klein (tu), Dillon Ober (d), Scrappy Lambert, Billy Hillpot (vcl).

(22) TRAM-BIX AND EDDIE (IN THEIR THREE PIECE BAND): Bix Beiderbecke (p, cor), Frank Trumbauer (c-melody), Eddie Lang (g). Jack Bland (bjo), Red McKenzie (comb, vcl). The scat singer heard at the start of "My Baby Came Home" is Eddie Condon. Johnson (p), Eddie Lang (g), Gladys Bentley (vcl). Ed Cuffee (tb), Omer Simeon (cl), Clarence Williams (p), Eddie Lang (g), Victoria Spivey (vcl).

(15) JOE VENUTI'S BLUE FOUR: Jimmy Dorsey (cl, bari), Joe Venuti (vln), Rube Bloom (p, vcl), Eddie Lang (g), Paul Graselli (d). (16-17) EDDIE LANG: Frank Signorelli (p), Eddie Lang (g). Johnson (p), Eddie Lang (g), Sonny Porter (New Orleans Willie Jackson) (vcl). Min Leibrook (bass sax), Joe Venuti (vln), unknown (p), Eddie Lang (g), Stan King (d, harpophone), Scrappy Lambert (vcl).

Wade (tp), 3 unknown (reeds), Joe Venuti, poss. Bruce Yantis (vln), Bobby Van Eps (p), Eddie Lang, George Van Eps (g), unknown (tu), unknown (d), Smith Ballew (vcl).

Joe Tarto (tu), Stan King (d), Smith Ballew (vcl). Hymie Wolfson (ts), Joe Venuti (vln), Cornell Smelser (acc), Fred Rich (p, ldr), Frank Signorelli (p), Eddie Lang (g), poss.

Joe Tarto (b), Stan King (d), Smith Ballew (vcl). Stirling Bose, 2 unknown (tp), Red Bone (tb), 2 unknown (cl, as), 2 unknown (ts), Joe Venuti, 2 unknown (vln), unknown (p), Dick McDonough (g), unknown (b), unknown (d, orchestra bells), Don Elton (vcl). Joe Venuti (vln), Joe Sullivan (p), Dick McDonough (g), Neil Marshall (d). Max Farley, unknown (cl, as), Bud Freeman, unknown (ts), Joe Venuti, 2 unknown (vln), unknown (p), Dick McDonough (g), unknown (b), unknown (d), Howard Phillips (vcl). (CCCC) CHICK BULLOCK AND HIS LEVEE LOUNGERS: unknown (tp), poss. Charlie Butterfield (tb), unknown (cl, as), unknown (as), unknown (ts), Joe Venuti (vln), unknown (p), Dick McDonough (g), Artie Bernstein (b), Stan King (d), Chick Bullock (vcl). (17) NYC, September 12, 1935 MABEL TODD WITH JOE VENUTI'S BLUE FOUR: unknown (cl, as, bari), Joe Venuti (vln), unknown (p), poss.

Bobby Sherwood (g), Mabel Todd (vcl). (18) LA, July 15, 1938 __________________________________ (EEEE) BING CROSBY: unknown (tp), unknown (tb), 2 unknown (reeds), Joe Venuti, unknown (vln), unknown (p), Eddie Lang (g), unknown (b), unknown (d), Bing Crosby (vcl), Lennie Hayton (dir). Mannie Klein (tp), Tommy Dorsey (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl, as), Joe Venuti (vln, vcl, Bronx cheers), Carl Kress (g, vcl), Joe Tarto (b), Stan King (d). Stirling Bose (tp), Tommy Dorsey (tb), Jimmy Dorsey (cl, as), Joe Venuti (vln, vcl), Victor Young (p), Perry Botkin (g), Artie Bernstein (b), Chauncey Morehouse or Stan King (d). DISCS ARE FACTORY SEALEDNEVER PLAYED.

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JOE VENUTI & EDDIE LANG Classic Columbia & Okeh Sessions Mosaic NEW 8 CD box set